Welcome to Real Estate – Chicago Agent Magazine Editor’s Note

In our official Rookie issue, Chicago Agent spotlights newcomers to the industry. How do they adapt? Was their training effective in an unprecedented market?

These questions resonate with me on a personal level because I, too, am a rookie: a rookie writer. And it was such a pleasure not only to read but also to learn from this month’s batch of stories. Whether you’re selling homes or writing articles, it helps to stay in conversation with mentors and peers. My own mentor, Editor-in-Chief Tim Inklebarger, let me take the reins of the magazine this month and it’s been so rewarding. Thanks Tim!

Thanks also to rookie Brianna Seals, our junior graphic designer, who took the lead as Art Director to get this special issue to press.

In its pages you will find advice specially adapted to those who are just starting to set up a business. Jake Dixon, founder of The Locker Room Real Estate Coaching and Training, shares tips for new agents. (He even offers a formula for earning six figures a year.) You’ll also hear Quentin Green, board member of the CAR Young Professionals Network, tell you about opportunities for networking and furthering your education.

Refining your education can be particularly difficult in this sector. That’s why our Real Issues feature deepens the type of training currently available to agents, not only within a brokerage, but also at the local and national association level.

Featuring three successful Chicagoland rookies, our cover story sheds light on similar topics. But it also explores each subject’s life and what led them, in particular, to change careers. For most of our readers, these stories are probably related. And I hope they are also inspiring. After all, for beginners, the story has only just begun.

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