TikTok Fashion Publication Rag Report Plans To Become Gen Z Vogue


As traditional print magazines struggle, a number of digital and social media platforms are looking to make inroads into the fashion media space. Among them is Rag Report, a TIC Tac fashion publication that is launching its own collection of products on Wednesday.

Since launching in January, Kyra Media-owned Rag Report, which focuses on Gen Z audiences, has garnered 1.3 million followers on the social media platform and product line is designed to further increase awareness of the publication. By comparison, Vogue has 219,000 subscribers and W Magazine 415,000.

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For the collection, Rag Report will work with a different artist, creative, designer or influencer once a month to produce a limited edition of branded t-shirts. The first three models were assembled by boutique studio Resistant material, whose clients include Burberry, Heron Preston and Maharishi.

“As we have grown the channel, our average post will have around 25,000 likes,” said James Cadwallader, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Kyra. “It’s not so much about launching clothes as a source of income, but more of a way to grow our audience and connect more with our audience. “

Rag Report was the first of a handful of TIC Tac publications launched by Kyra and it claims to be one of the fastest growing fashion accounts on the platform. It is made up of a team of four, while tapping into a global network of content and video creators including fashion trends, style suggestions, closet tours, street style and more. .

“Obviously it’s not new in publishing, but in this kind of space it’s still quite innovative because what we’re starting to find is that if we’re going to tell a story about streetwear in Tokyo, we can tap into our network and we can have someone go and create a Rag Report branded TikTok for us in Tokyo, ”added Cadwallader.

As for brand partnerships, he worked with Diesel for a successful personalized video campaign in a short documentary with Lilbittylivie and Justin Y who collected 3 million views. Most recently, he acted as a TikTok publishing partner during the launch of his second annual fashion month. The collaboration is focused on “fashion and beauty frontrunners ”, a series of reports produced by the Rag Report team on the top 10 rising fashion personalities to watch.

Don’t expect to see it expand from TikTok and other platforms anytime soon, though. “We are a media company focused on TikTok – this platform is our sweet spot for us. This is our place where we have a lot of authority and this is where we see the future of media unfolding, ”said Cadwallader. “Personally, I think this has the potential to be the new Vogue for Gen Z.” At the moment, Rag Report still does not have a website.

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