Say hello to the real top producers in Chicagoland

Becoming a top producer is the ultimate goal of most people getting into the real estate business, and if you look at the marketing around town, you’ll find an astonishing number of brokers claiming this role. But there are the best producers, and there are best producers. This is one of the reasons we publish real data on a quarterly basis and in this annual report.

Those are the firm numbers as reported by Midwest Real Estate Data, and if you’re curious who the real top producers are in 2021, you need look no further. While some discrepancies, such as unreported sales, can skew the numbers slightly, our annual report is the only game in town when it comes to covering the biggest names in the Chicagoland industry. But we don’t stop there. Along with our Real Data report, our cover story reveals some of the top producers’ strategies and gets to the heart of what keeps them at the top of their game.

We are also taking a closer look this month at a subject so radioactive that many real estate brokers would prefer not to talk about it. Somehow they are legally prevented from doing so, at least with their clients. It’s the subject of crime, particularly the spike in violent crime that has swept across much of the country in the past two years and its impact on real estate sales. What are agents and brokers across the country seeing in terms of sales? How do they deal with this delicate question? We’re taking a look at our monthly Real Issues survey feature.

We also hear from Jim Haisler, CEO of the Heartland REALTOR® Organization, in this month’s Association News. Haisler gives us his perspective on real estate sales stats and how his perspective informs his view of the industry.

We would like to congratulate all the top producers who participated in this issue as well as all the brokers and other real estate professionals whose commitment to excellence allows the industry to thrive throughout the year. And as always, we want to hear your stories and insights on top producers or whatever else we miss. Contact us at [email protected].

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