Ronan Farrow and Mia Farrow accused of hypocritically trying to kill Woody Allen’s wife magazine article


Ronan Farrow and his mother, actress Mia Farrow, are accused of attempting to stop a new York magazine article about Soon-Yi Previn – Woody Allen’s wife and Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter – which painted the Farrow family in a negative light.

If true, the claim would mean Ronan Farrow, who rose to prominence in the #MeToo movement, engaged in some of the same tactics he accused Harvey Weinstein of using in an attempt to do so. derail his own report on the producer’s history of sexual misconduct.

The indictment is the latest blow to Ronan Farrow’s once-sterling reputation, following a scathing New York Times Last week’s article by columnist Ben Smith, who accused Farrow of journalistic negligence and prioritizing so-called “resistance journalism” to the facts.

Journalist Daphne Merkin told the New York Post that Ronan and Mia Farrow launched a campaign to pressure the leaders of new York in the days leading up to the publication of Soon-Yi Previn’s 2018 profile by Merkin. The campaign reportedly included a call from Ronan Farrow to new York editor Adam Moss demanding that the article be killed.

Director / actor Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn attend a special screening of DreamWorks Pictures’ ‘Anything Else’ at the Paris Theater on September 16, 2003 in New York City. (Evan Agostini / Getty Images)

Merkin claims the Farrows were able to get the article off the cover even though the magazine’s editors promised him it would be covered.

She also alleges that the Farrows demanded the insertion of a line acknowledging that Merkin had been “friends” with Allen for over 40 years. Merkin told the To post that she “wasn’t that friendly with Allen” and that she only saw the filmmaker once or twice a year.

Merkin said she had never experienced this level of interference on an item.

“I wasn’t used to this level of fear… the fear of Ronan, of being chased, of the power of Mia and Ronan, just culturally, their power on Twitter,” she said.

Merkin noted the irony that Ronan Farrow tried to stop his article after he rose to fame thanks to the #MeToo movement. “He’s someone who really likes women who tell their stories,” she told the To post. “She was a woman telling her story and the effort to just invalidate it and just stop it was pretty constant.”

Ronan Farrow accused NBC News of giving in to pressure from Harvey Weinstein over his reporting on the Miramax producer’s history of sexual assault and harassment. He alleged that Weinstein succeeded in pressuring then-NBC News bosses Andy Lack and Noah Oppenheim to kill his story.

Farrow’s exposition of Weinstein was eventually published in the New Yorker.

Merkin’s profile on Soon-Yi Previn featured unflattering details about the Farrow family, including the allegation that Farrow had emotionally and physically abused some of his adopted children.

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