Playbill Subscription Magazine Celebrates 40 Years of Publishing with New Features and More

As Playbill Magazine continues to serve Broadway theaters in its 137th year, chronicling the productions and who’s who of creators gracing the Main Stem, its lesser-known monthly subscription edition is celebrating its 40th year of publication with so much of an overhaul. expected.

The monthly mail-in subscription edition allows theatergoers, including those who don’t regularly see a Broadway or Off-Broadway show, the ability to read articles that are part of the magazine’s indoor edition. Starting in January 2022, this edition will feature a number of new and exclusive features not found in the theatrical magazine or even on, including:

Excerpts from the January 2022 issue of the Playbill Monthly Subscription edition

A monthly puzzle, like a crossword or a theatrical-themed word search (January is all about Stephen Sondheim’s shows and characters).

In this theater: The popular feature only appears in the Broadway edition of Playbill when space permits. Beginning in January 2022 and over the next 41 months, the subscription edition will review each of Broadway’s 41 theaters, starting with the Sondheim Theater. Each monthly report will include contemporary photos of the theater taken by Playbill’s lead photographer, Marc. J. Franklin, as well as production photos of major shows that were performed on location.

A feature of the Playbill archives: The January edition will include a reprint of Patricia Boswell’s group interview with the cast of Stephen Sondheim’s original Broadway production Society, including Elaine Stritch and Larry Kert.

In addition to these new features, the monthly subscription edition also includes Broadway and touring listings.

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Opening Night subscription service playbills

Opening Night subscription service playbills

Playbill also offers an Opening Night Subscription service, where the subscriber receives a copy of each Opening Night Playbill, along with the Opening Night sticker, mailed to the home of the maid. The service is provided for 12 continuous months with the possibility of starting retroactively from 1 to 2 months at the request of the subscriber to “catch up” the latest Playbills. This subscription can be purchased here.

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