‘People Magazine Killed Betty White’: Star’s 100th Birthday Cover Post Trolled

People magazine faces the heat after reporting on Betty White’s 100th birthday, after the legendary actress died at the age of 99, just 17 days before what could have been a milestone in her life. his life. The post touted the comedy star for being “so lucky to be so healthy” in her old age.

The story in question was published on December 28 on the magazine’s website and in print with the headline “Betty White turns 100!” It was released just three days before White’s death. The actress shared what she said kept her going for so long was her keen sense of humor. She joked about her diet, “I try to avoid anything that is green. I think it works.” White said, “I’m so lucky to be so healthy and feeling so good at this age. It’s amazing.” She added that she was “born a fierce optimist. I got it from my mother, and that has never changed. I always find the positive.”


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White tweeted the People Magazine news dedicating a cover to it, writing: “My 100th birthday… I can’t believe it’s coming near, and People Magazine is celebrating with me! The new issue of @people is available on newsstands across the country tomorrow. Link in my bio. ” She also posted it on Instagram.

“People magazine put the spell on Betty! “

Betty White fans began trolling People magazine for posting a cover celebrating the actress’ 100th birthday long before she reached the milestone. Others saw him as the iconic comic drawing a quick on the post even in his death. “People Magazine put a spell on Betty White! #BettyWhite,” one said, while another noted, “People magazine put a spell on Betty! Shame on @people for celebrating its 100 years before the arrival of the day. ” A third commented, “Oh my god, celebrity magazine currently has a cover that says Betty White is overjoyed to be 100 and then dies at 99.” Another added: “Happy New Year to everyone except People Magazine who killed Betty White by tempting fate.” The next one said, “Betty White is on the cover of People magazine today. Not because she passed away. Because they were soon celebrating her 100th birthday.”

“People Magazine killed Betty White,” another joked. One commenter tweeted: “A word of advice to all celebrities, don’t pose for People Magazine or cover the cover when you’re celebrating something special. They’re putting everything at risk. RIP Betty White.” Another wrote: “Well this is the last time I speak to People Magazine – Betty White in Heaven probably. One person responded by saying, “People Magazine did an article about Betty White turning 100. Betty White dies at 99. Conclusion: If people call you, hang up !!!” Another said: “I mean dying is a pretty extreme way of trolling People Magazine, but her commitment to the track is second to none.” Another pointed out, “Cancel People magazine, then they put a spell on Betty White by celebrating her birthday earlier.”

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