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Myles Williamson

Editor of Revelstoke Review

When reviewing Revelstoke, we wanted to create something different from our weekly print publication that targeted the new crowd of residents and tourists, which focused on collecting content tailored to this demographic. The Revelstoke Review is proud to present: the Revelstoke TIMES.

This magazine has provided us with an outlet to tell a fuller story from start to finish on stories we’ve been covering for months and in-depth articles that sum up what Revelstoke is all about.

Basically, our goals are: to create a fun, educational and welcoming publication, and to develop unity among all Revelstoke residents.

The name

Josh and I brainstormed a concept that would be recognized separately from our Revelstoke Review look while being tied to our heritage.

After discussing some doodles with coffee, we settled on the idea of ​​playing on the original name of the Revelstoke Review: the Revelstoke TIMES Review.

A quick history lesson: many residents, despite the newspaper dropping the TIMES name in 2015, have never lost that name, and yet walk through the doors of our offices now referring to the newspaper as the name of Revelstoke TIMES Review.

The Revelstoke Review merged with the Revelstoke TIMES in 1992, creating the long name, Revelstoke TIMES Review.

Our promise

We promise to honor that name and provide Revelstoke with an exceptional print magazine that highlights the best TIMES found in Revelstoke.

To honor a name once lost to our past and to unite new tourists and residents to all of Revelstoke, we bring you Revelstoke TIMES Magazine: a brand we intend to focus on, and keep our fingers crossed, growing from one issue per year. .

Happy reading and send us your thoughts at [email protected] Finally, thank you to our advertisers and readers, for your patience, continued support and trust.

Without you, the Revelstoke Review, or this magazine, would not be possible.

Visit www.revelstokereview.com/e-editions to view the digital version of the magazine or pick up your physical copy at any public location in Revelstoke, including shops, restaurants, cafes and more.

Myles Williamson, editor (left), and Josh Piercey, writer and designer (right), creators of Revelstoke TIMES magazine. (Cassell Photography)

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