Obituary: singer, actress and magazine editor María Adela Estévez Campos dies at 58 from COVID-19


María Adela Estévez Campos, opera singer, actress and editor-in-chief of “Diario Lírico”, died on March 17, 2021 after losing a 4-month battle with COVID-19, further complicated by her underlying rheumatoid arthritis. She was 58 years old.

Estévez began her musical studies at the conservatory in her hometown of La Coruña, Spain, and it was there that she began her acting career as a voice actor, dubbing characters such as Pinocchio and the Wise Smurf. She then obtained a BA in Dramatic Arts from RESAD in Madrid and also studied journalism at URJC in Madrid.

She studied at the Superior School of Singing in Madrid where she later became a singing teacher. She took numerous singing and theater lessons in Spain and Germany and from the age of nine she was part of various children’s choirs. As a singer, she has performed both opera and zarzuela on tours in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Canada and the Azores.

In addition to being an announcer and music teacher, she combined her professional experience and her studies with that of managing the digital newspaper “Diario Lírico”, where she was considered a tireless worker and a hilarious columnist.

She wanted to be a lawyer, like her father, and she managed to study law for four years, but ended up devoting herself to journalism.

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