Matthew Drummond, Editor of Fin Magazine, talks about AFR’s new title

This morning the Australian Financial Review will lift the veil on the first issue of its new glossy lifestyle publication, End Magazine. Inserted quarterly in the Financial analysis newspaper, End Magazine will inspire readers with the best in fashion, design, watches, jewelry, automotive, art and travel.

The magazine was officially launched last night at an event at Sydney’s Centennial Hotel which saw Nine client director, luxury & travel, Amanda Upton and End Magazine editor Matthew Drummond speak on behalf of the team that put the post together, thanking everyone for their hard work and trust in the title.

Media week spoke to Matthew Drummond on the launch End Magazine and what readers can expect.

After the FRG pressed a pause on titles like sophisticated traveler and Luxury due to pandemic constraints, Drummond says the space left has given the team the opportunity to test other ideas.

“During the pandemic, we continued to publish AFR Magazine every month as usual, and we also experienced shiny editions of Life & Leisurewhich is our weekly lifestyle supplement. Experience the shiny editions of Life & Leisure for about a year and a half gave us a real idea of ​​how far we could push thisand if there was an appetite for a new glossy lifestyle magazine.

“The pause in quarterly titles at the start of the pandemic meant there was room for a new lifestyle title in the Financial analysisbecause while AFR Magazine has good support from luxury advertisers, it’s not a pure lifestyle title.

As well as editing End MagazineDrummond editions AFR Magazine. Although the two titles complement each other, they are also very different entities.

AFR Magazine is the home of Financial analysis Rich List, the Young Rich List, the Power Lists, the Philanthropy 50 list. End Magazine is a pure lifestyle title – it’s softer, it’s more visual, it’s easier to read.

“There are elements of possible overlap. We do two fashion issues a year at AFR Magazinebut even when we do fashion, we always look for companies at the top of the luxury fashion industry. If success is the safeguard for AFR Magazinethen style is the safeguard for End Magazine.”

Among other lifestyle headlines, Drummond says that End Magazine has one particular advantage that sets it apart from the crowd: a connection with the audience of the Financial analysis.

“It connects to an audience that is unrivaled in terms of scale and wealthy households. You won’t find another fashion or style title that has access to the same caliber of audience as End Magazine Is.

This audience continues to grow, with the title of sister AFR Magazine an example of what can happen.

“One of the strengths of AFR Magazine has been how we market the print product to the growing digital subscriber base of the Financial analysis. Roy Morgan shows that AFR Magazine print readership is up about 50% year-on-year to 450,000 readers. It is an achievement of which we are very proud. »

The cover of the first issue features Kirsha Kaechele – artist, curator and wife of the founder of MONA David Walch – wearing a Comme des Garçons skirt as she stepped out of a 1960s ‘Futuro Pod’.

“She actually wasn’t Plan A for the cover,” says Drummond. “Plan A for the cover was Mark Newson and Charlotte Stockdale. We went to Greece to see their vacation home on the island of Ithaca, we had a great photo shoot, it looked great on the cover – but I kept coming back to the pictures we had of Kirsha in this Comme des Garcons skirt that came out of this 1960s Futuro Pod.

“It’s the mood of the magazine that we want to create: it’s fun, it’s irreverent, it’s very catchy. This may not be what you expect from Financial analysis.”

Sometimes an image is more than just an image, and for Drummond, this was one of those times.

“I feel really humbled. We gave her concepts of how we want to do things, and she really shaped this cover. I think we have an artist’s mark on our cover, which is pretty exciting.”

The all-new magazine brings with it a whole new set of business opportunities. Drummond says the team has a new page and the ability to shape the title in a way that will suit the market in 2022 and beyond.

“We will be open to doing sponsored content in End Magazineit would probably fit as a title that will connect with luxury brands around events.

“Commercially, it works like a very good brother for AFR Magazineproviding advertisers with a more visual, relaxed and light-hearted environment in which to appear. »

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