Magazine Advertising Market Expected to Have a Negative CAGR of -0.23% Amid the Spread of COVID-19


The world’s leading suppliers can help buyers achieve significant savings through their efforts in areas such as downstream integration, reduction of total cost of ownership, ad hoc expense management, negotiation of prices and terms. contractual, participation in conferences, management of labor price volatility, level of automation, quality management and reduction of ad-hoc expenses. Collaborations with global suppliers will also help buyers reduce costs and ensure high quality purchases in the dynamic market.

The report also provides information on the upcoming trends and challenges that will influence the growth of the market.
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Magazine Advertising Market in India: Main price trends

  • According to magazine advertising price trends, higher anti-dumping duties imposed by governments in countries such as China, United States, France, Germany, and India will increase the price of advertising in exported magazines.
  • The constant increase in crude oil prices will drive the prices of raw materials such as fiber optics, PE, PVC, steel and aluminum. This will propel the manufacturing costs of magazine advertising providers.

Some of the top magazine advertising providers listed in this report:

This magazine advertising sourcing intelligence report identified top vendors and their cost structures, SLA terms, best selection criteria, and negotiation strategies.

  • Omnicom Group Inc.
  • Publicis Groupe SA
  • WPP Plc
  • Dentsu Group Inc.
  • The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc.
  • Gannett Co. Inc.
  • Havas SA

Regional analysis

  • New breakdown of market segmentation in requested regions.

Information Provided In This Report On The Magazine Advertising Market

  • Major magazine advertising providers and their cost structures
  • Major Suppliers of Magazine Advertising in the United States and Their Cost Structures
  • Analysis of U.S. Magazine Advertising Market Spending
  • Magazine Advertising Price Trends and Forecasts
  • Cost Factors Influencing Magazine Advertising Prices

Learn more about market opportunities:

Information on market players

  • Detailed analysis and profiling of additional market players, supplier segmentation and supplier offerings.
  • Know the strategies adopted by suppliers during the COVID-19 recovery phase.

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To access the definitive Magazine Advertising buying guide that answers all your key questions about price trends and price analysis:

  • Am I paying / receiving the correct prices? Is my TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of magazine advertising favorable?
  • How should the price forecast evolve? What is driving current and future price changes?
  • Which pricing models offer the most exciting opportunities?


  • Summary
  • Market Snapshot
  • Category pricing information
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Best practices
  • Ecosystem Category
  • Category management strategy
  • Category management facilitators
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Covered suppliers
  • US Market Snapshot
  • Scope of the category
  • Annex

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