How a dream came true for a former magazine editor

THE first time I saw Nicole Limos Morales, I was intimidated. She was then working for a glossy magazine. Nicole is a little girl, always glamorous and well put together.

Eventually she became a friend and when she married the love of her life I was naturally happy for her. Before the pandemic, she got pregnant and finally had an adorable daughter named Mattie, who is now almost two years old and naturally very intelligent like her mother. We were once attending a Make Up For Ever event when Nicole announced that she was quitting her job. She was pregnant with Mattie at the time and of course she wanted to enjoy being a wife and a mom. “I also want to start a small business. It’s always been something I wanted to do, ”she told me.

This “little business” turned out to be The Beauty Edit (@ on Instagram), which not only reviews beauty products, but also tells those who love skincare and makeup what’s new. of the market.

In addition to reviewing and sharing beauty news, The Beauty Edit runs beauty boxes with the hottest and most wanted products. I have always said that the Philippines does not have a premium beauty box subscription and Nicole exploited this need.

She has sold four The Beauty Edit boxes and is set to release Volume 5, which is not a box but a chest full of 35 products worth over P32,000 but which you can get for P6,500. will have a presale on November 17th but the boxes will be available on November 28th.

Now let’s talk about these boxes. You get the pink box wrapped in plastic with beautiful artwork commissioned by Nicole. I have 100% confidence in Nicole’s taste and everything she does in her business is impeccable, from product selection to packaging. I love that there is a mini magazine in each volume, which is a tribute to Nicole’s editorial roots.

There is also always a pocket in each box. The last one had a pouch you could wear around your neck where you could place essentials like lip balm, your credit cards, and cash for groceries.

For the launch party (online of course) of The Beauty Edit[ed] Trunk, Nicole has teamed up with Chandon Philippines which should make things more exciting.

Nicole does The Beauty Edit while being the mother of Mattie, who is the smartest kid.

I look forward to what The Beauty Edit has to offer in terms of luxury beauty, be it a local brand or a foreign brand. A quick story: My skin was so dry at one point and I suspected it was the facial cleanser I was using that was the cause. So I opened a bottle of Pili Ani Gentle Facial Cleanser, which came with one of The Beauty Edit boxes. This led me to discover this wonderful Filipino brand.

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