Get the lay of the land

At Chicago Agent magazine, we strive 365 days a year to bring you the best information to help you grow your business, and while we solicit feedback year-round, every April we see a local industry blueprint. as defined by you, the reader. Our annual Truth About Agents survey never fails to reveal the long-term trends we’ve observed over time, as well as market adjustments in response to current events. It’s always great to see which of the dozens of stats we track have changed, and to hear your thoughts on what it all means.

Some of the big takeaways from this year include statistics showing that more than three-quarters (79%) of broker managers would like to increase their staff over the next year. Last year, that statistic was just 59%. Perhaps it’s the hot market that makes broker managers realize they could use a little help. Sixty percent of agents said they earned at least six figures in the past year, up from 42% the year before. These are just a few of the industry trends we see in this year’s survey. We also look at changing demographics, customers, teams, new builds, marketing and more.

This month’s issue goes beyond the data in our Real Problems article, which tackles the issue of affordability, and lack thereof, in many cities across the country. We speak with agents and lenders in a number of markets to learn how agents are helping to guide not only customers, but also public policies that could help solve the affordability crisis. We also hear this month from real estate coach Dirk Zeller talking about the concept of getting back to basics in the real estate industry, and our Technically speaking column gives the details on integrating a virtual assistant into your workflow. See something in the issue that resonates with your experience in the trenches? We would like to know all about it. Contact us at [email protected]

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