Echoing the expression of gratitude expressed by the founders of the publication

On March 14, 1922, the second issue of The southwestern sucker has been published. In a two-page editorial section containing a series of opinion pieces on the pressing industry issues of the day, the editors concluded with a brief article titled “Bigger and Better”. The 62-word op-ed alludes to something today’s entrepreneurs surely understand – startups are tough.

“For the spirit of friendship revealed by all the expressions of approval, as well as the helpful suggestions and criticisms, which followed the publication of the first issue of this article, The southwestern sucker beg to acknowledge his gratitude,” the editors began.

Sosland Publishing survived the pressure of the first issue’s deadlines as well as other challenges ranging from technical issues with paper quality to selecting the right combination of title fonts. Despite those early misfires, the founders persevered, and they and their successors have published every Tuesday since, 5,219 and counting – 100 years. As we reflect on this accomplishment, the sense of gratitude expressed by our ancestors seems more relevant today than ever.

To begin with, we thank our readers. As a rare business-to-business trade publication with paid subscriptions, Milling and Baking News has a modest circulation compared to many other B2B trade magazines. Yet, over the course of a century, we have benefited from the trust of more than 100,000 readers, professionals who have devoted their careers to an ancient and noble profession. Our subscription renewal rate remains remarkably high among professionals in a variety of roles, including general management, finance, purchasing, sales, quality assurance, and research and development. Our readers have a responsibility to profitably maintain a reliable, economical, tasty and safe food supply. Your work requires knowledge, skill and dedication, and we are grateful for the century of trust you have placed in us as we strive to deliver the timely and actionable insights you need.

Historically, subscription revenue has been sufficient to offset the cost of printing and mailing the weekly. Higher publication costs Milling and Baking News were supported by advertisers. We are grateful to all of our present and past advertisers for making the work we do possible. We are proud that Milling and Baking News and the company’s other publications continue to be the media partner of choice for companies looking to reach customers and advance in grain-based foods and the food industry in general. We are proud when our advertising partners succeed in the markets they serve.

The Sosland family is deeply grateful to our many business associates – the hundreds of men and women who, now or in the past, have chosen to spend part or all of their careers at Sosland Publishing doing the hard work but rewarding associated with editing not only Milling and Baking News, but the full range of products and services that enable us to share vital information with the industries we serve. We appreciate that for many of our associates, involvement in this business goes far beyond, say, simple editorial or sales work, but has truly become a “way of life”, full of meaningful and lasting relationships built in the industries we serve.

Finally, the members of the Sosland family are filled with gratitude for the opportunity given to us by our ancestors, beginning with founders David, Sanders and Sam and continuing with David’s late son, Morton, who led this organization. for decades until his death in 2019. To them and to Morton’s brother Neil, who continues to contribute editorially and with advice 68 years into his career, we cannot adequately express our appreciation – for the gift of their rigorous training, their wise advice and their constant love. We pledge to honor their legacy with the ambition that concluded the editorial published on ‘Pi Day’ 1922 – “To this acknowledgment (of gratitude), editors and publishers wish to add that, as an industry that he represents, this newspaper plans to grow ‘bigger and better.'”

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