Doubleday Canada announces upcoming release of A LITTLE BIT BROKEN by Roz Weston

TORONTO, April 12, 2022 /CNW/ – Doubleday Canada is proud to announce the release of a little brokena memoir of Roz Westona multi-platform artist and storyteller and host of The Roz & Moka show, ET Canada Live and Entertainment Tonight Canada. The book will be published in hardcover, e-book and audio format on September 27, 2022and is available for pre-order now.

It never gets better, but it gets easier. It’s the first thing Roz says to anyone who asks her for advice. Anyone who fights like hell, hangs on or picks up the pieces. When you’re broke, fixed becomes an obsession.

Roz hosts three shows a day and sleeps five hours a night. On The Roz & Moka show, ET Canada Live and Entertainment Tonight Canada, Roz built an audience and turned them into family. But like most families, there’s just bullshit that’s not talked about.

From growing up in a small town to getting lost, drunk and terrified in New York during an internship for The Howard Stern Show; from finding solace in the arms and beds of strangers to kicking an opioid addiction he didn’t know he had; broken bones with broken hearts and a broken marriage. From navigating grief and guilt over the devastating loss of her father to persevering in the face of an ongoing, private battle with her own body. It’s all shared in Roz’s disarming mix of truth and humor.

a little broken is a deeply personal and inspiring tale of self-forgiveness, redemption, and recovery from bad choices, because let’s face it, the reason we make bad choices is because they usually feel pretty good. And Roz created them all. “This book is the whole story I’ve never told before. . . . It’s the shit we don’t talk about. Welcome to the family.”

Publisher Doubleday Canada Amy Black said: “by Roz Weston his name and personality are instantly recognizable to his legions of radio and television fans. But his personal story, one of perseverance, private struggles and deep determination, will surprise even those who know him best. We are certain that readers around the world will be as touched and inspired as we are by these powerfully moving, honest and often funny memoirs.”

literary agent Rick Broadhead of Rick Broadhead & Associates arranged the matter on behalf of Roz Weston.

ROZ WESTON is a multi-platform artist and storyteller and as a host of The Roz & Moka show, ET Canada Live and Entertainment Tonight Canada, Roz now entertains millions of people without ever having to see a single one. In 2013, Good morning! magazine named him one of Canada’s 50 Most Beautiful. He owns do not made the list since. Growing up with above average confidence but low self-esteem in a small town, Roz knew he wanted an audience, but he didn’t want to be noticed. A college dropout, Roz is a winner of the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards, winner of the New York Festival of Radio and winner of the Canadian Screen Awards. He’s a former assembly line worker, howard stern trainee and host of late-night television shows. Roz lives in Toronto with his girlfriend, their child and four cats. He still misses his father. Learn more at and @rozweston at Twitter and Instagram.

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