Disney Post Suggests Howard The Duck Will Appear In She-Hulk Series

Howard the Duck is a character who’s never really had a chance to shine in the MCU despite multiple appearances, but that could soon change.


Howard the Duck was destined to become a cult icon from the minute his first big-screen appearance in 1986 failed. While that may not have been the best start for Marvel’s assault on cinemas, just over 20 years later it didn’t really matter as the MCU began its first steps. to become the biggest movie franchise in the world. Although no one really expected it, this Marvel journey has included the reappearance of a new, updated version of Howard, voiced in the MCU by family guy and Austin Powers star Seth Green. After several small roles in the guardians of the galaxy films and the briefest of appearances in Avengers: EndgameHoward lovers may have had an idea of ​​where to watch for the next appearance of the sarcastic anthropomorphic duck.


Howard received his biggest MCU role yet in animation What if…? series last year, and while there have been rumors of a Howard the Duck animated series being in the works, it now looks like he could be back in live-action form very soon in the She-Hulk series. News from an official Disney magazine published in France has apparently revealed a previously unknown little tidbit about the upcoming Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo series. Shared on Twitter by @tuttiquantinoobthe article in question gives a rough translation of:

“A webbed future? Howard the Duck seems to be part of Marvel’s plans again: in the What If…? series, he married Darcy Lewis… Does the duck, elected in 2009 as Does one of the strangest characters from Time magazine’s Marvel team have a bright future? In any case, the She-Hulk series, which lands this year on Disney+, could hold a few surprises “What the duck”! Something to delight lovers of this turbulent duck, determined to do what he wants.”

She-Hulk could be a launch pad for the full Howard The Duck series.

Guardians of the Galaxy Howard the Duck Concept Art

For those who only know Howard the Duck so far through his appearances in the MCU, learn that he could appear in a “legal comedy” She-Hulk may seem overdone. However, in Marvel Comics, She-Hulk and Howard’s paths crossed as early as the early ’80s, and Howard’s work as a PI took him down a similar path to that of Jennifer Walters on some occasions. Since Howard was last seen in battle against Thanos, it’s easy to assume he’s decided to stay on Earth and find some investigative work to keep himself busy.

With She-Hulk going a comedic route, there’s no doubt that Howard’s sarcasm would fit the format perfectly and could potentially lead to him getting his spinoff. After so many years as the butt of many a joke, Howard’s occasional use in the MCU thus far looks set to lead to more than just an ongoing cameo role, as there’s a lot of potential in the character that was never allowed. thrive on screen. With rumors that She-Hulk will arrive in a few months, we don’t have long to wait to find out if this could be Howard’s time to shine.

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