Czech magazine and editor face absurd accusations of “promoting drug addiction”


A prominent Czech cannabis activist and journalist faces up to five years in prison for “inciting and promoting drug addiction.” Editor-in-chief and publisher Robert Veverka and his magazine Legalizace have both been cited in recent charges.

In addition to publishing Legalizace, Veverka runs, a cannabis-focused NGO. He also sits on the Prague Council’s Commission for the Coordination of Drug Policy and is a member of the Security Commission and the Education Commission of the 2nd Prague Municipal District.

‘Calculated, liar’

Veverka called the charge “calculated, stigmatizing, bordering on a lie, and based on spurious conjecture and limited interpretation by the police that the cultivation and processing of cannabis is automatically illegal, or that any mention of cannabis is tantamount to automatically to “incitement to addiction.”

He will retaliate: “I consider it my duty to fight not only for the right of Legalizace magazine to exist, but also for the rights of all print and electronic media that have ever dared to mention the word ‘cannabis’. – or plan to do so in the future, ”Veverka said.

Legalizace, a bimonthly published since 2010, focuses on cannabis news, cannabis history and cultivation, drug laws, cultivation methods, cannabis treatments and the latest scientific discoveries.

“Systemic failure, ignorance”

According to Czech law, cannabis is considered an ordinary cultivated plant and also has the status of a medicinal plant.

Veverka said the charges against him and his magazine demonstrate systemic failure and prosecutors’ ignorance of cannabis law while undermining Charter freedom of expression and the right to information. Czech Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

A first hearing in the case is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5, before the District Court of the city of Bruntál.

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