BTS ‘latest Weverse magazine article casts shade over Hollywood music industry and ARMYs love it


Weverse Magazine published the last article titled B +, detailing BTS collaborations from the start, and writer Randy Suh hasn’t mince words. The writer has cast a shadow over the Hollywood music industry for his models of ignored racism, deliberately avoiding meaningful conversations, the Asian Grammy artist’s snub and more.

After the explosive success of Dynamite and Butter, BTS’s music has spread everywhere, drawing locals and millions of new fans. The B + This article gives new and old fans an overview of all of the K-pop supergroup’s musical partnerships and releases. While fans have always loved the Weverse magazine article, B + takes the cake to cast a subtle shadow over the traditional Hollywood music industry.

Weverse magazine’s latest BTS article, B +, is causing a stir among fans

On October 27, fan-artist platform Weverse released a new article on the history of BTS’s collaboration written by music publisher Randy Suh. Graphic designer Paperworks (@paperxworks) designed the adorably illustrated timeline under the direction of visual director Jeon Yurim. In 2014, the group released 26 songs by collaborating with various artists.

The ARMYs applauded the article for “spilling the tea,” while giving them a brief history of collaborations in the pop industry. The writer then explained each of BTS’s music tracks with other artists and cast a subtle shadow over the big names in the Hollywood music industry.

At the beginning of the article, the writer recalls BTS’s Billboard Music Awards in 2017, back in the days of their wings. As the band made waves on Twitter, YouTube and Billboard, with their four years of impressive discography, the writer says they’ve received a new artist treatment.

“BTS had already been active for almost four years when they appeared at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA), but the US market acted as if the group were a new artist they were seeing for the first time.”

He also hasn’t forgotten the iconic and historic Grammy snub. Many fans were disappointed as they believed the Grammys only gave them a collaboration scene in English and not a performance for the song they were nominated for – Dynamite.

“The Grammys never seemed to give Asian group BTS the time of day, so it was a historic moment when they gave their very first awards performance with Lil Nas X through this collaboration. “

The article even captured minute details and jokes inside the fandom, making fans love it even more. Check out some fan reactions below:

“Publications like Billboard magazine, which were initially reluctant to report on the harmful hate speech directed against BTS, eventually published articles in solidarity with all the artists. “- Weverse Magazine


HA! Weverse Magazine throws punches, calls everyone out, and we love it!

weverse journalists always jump

This article, we must applaud them, they really came to the neck of Western industry as it should

I had time to read the weverse article, it’s literally * chef bisou *

@ naija0329 Stan Weverse Magazine. I repeat. STAN WEVERS MAGAZINE

Meanwhile, BTS officially entered the 2022 Grammys. They submitted songs. Butter, Permission to Dance and album TO BE for various categories.

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