Boyz magazine editor says punished for ‘debating’ transgender issues


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The editor of the gay lifestyle magazine Boyz claimed he was “punished” for “debating” transgender issues just weeks after making a creepy apology for doing so.

David Bridle faced backlash within the LGBT + community in November 2020 when his magazine promoted a webinar hosted by the anti-trans lobby group LGB Alliance.

He then issued a creepy apology in which he acknowledged that “readers, sites and advertisers” were “deeply upset” by the decision.

Now Bridle has exposed the HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust for removing an ad in Boyz the National HIV Testing Week issue of the magazine – and he claimed he and his magazine were “punished” for “debating” trans issues.

In an article for Sharp, titled “The Witch Hunt of Boyz magazine, ”Bridle alleged that the cover and an editorial was agreed upon with the Terrence Higgins Trust before the charity withdrew after Boyzcontroversy with the LGB Alliance.

“We were then told that the charity could be in touch in April regarding the publication of an article on its new resources in transgender sexual health,” Bridle wrote.

He said the move came six weeks after his magazine “invited our Twitter followers to watch an LGB Alliance webinar.”

Bridle claimed that the LGB Alliance is a group that “believes in biological sex rather than in public policy based on gender”. In fact, the group – which has neo-Nazis among its supporters – has been called a “transphobic hate group” in a petition signed by thousands in April 2020.

“We were clear that people might not agree with the LGB Alliance, but for the purposes of community debate, why not hear it? Bride wrote.

The magazine’s editor said the Terrence Higgins Trust was part of the chorus of LGBT + voices that criticized Boyz for the LGB Alliance platform in November.

“The decision to punish Boyz by not delivering National HIV Testing Week messages to our gay readership after a partnership of more than a decade is unfair and sadly political, ”said Bridle.

Boyz Magazine editor thinks LGBT + reluctance to debate trans issues ‘frightening’

He accused the Terrence Higgins Trust of pitting trans people against gays, adding: Dangerous because a state-funded charity chooses to start monitoring not only the opinions of gay men, but also whether they have the right to make their views known in the first place.

Bridle went on to say that he had spoken to trans people who were “appalled” by the charity’s decision, but had not named who those trans people were. He said these unnamed trans people “know Boyz is not transphobic.

He also wrote about his own HIV status, saying his experience makes the Terrence Higgins Trust decision seem “particularly bad”.

Bridle said the Terrence Higgins Trust, which has worked tirelessly to support people living with HIV for almost 40 years, likely has “other ways to reach gay men” besides running ads in Boyz magazine.

However, he again accused the charity of punishing him and his magazine “for the crime of simply encouraging people to participate in a debate on transgender issues.”

Bridle concluded her article by saying that it is a “really scary point for our community” that gay people cannot openly debate transgender rights without facing criticism and consequences.

The fact that the human rights and dignity of trans people is something that should never be discussed seems to be lost on Bridle.

The Terrence Higgins Trust said RoseNews that he has a responsibility to use his funding in a “hard-hitting” way, and that this was a factor in his decision to remove advertising with Boyz magazine.

Boyz is distributed primarily to gay venues that unfortunately are not open due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ”said the Terrence Higgins Trust.

“We have a responsibility to use the funding in the most efficient way possible to reach our target groups with HIV prevention messages and the option to order a free home HIV self-sampling kit. .

“We are absolutely committed to making National HIV Testing Week a great success with thousands of people being tested safely at home, even with the challenges of the coronavirus.

“We are also clear about our commitment to trans people and trans rights, and our role in supporting trans, non-binary and gender diverse people around sexual health and HIV testing.”

RoseNews contacted Boyz editor David Bridle for comment.

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