Blog Parting Shots by Former Infosecurity Magazine Editor-in-Chief Michael Hill


As far back as I can remember, I have always hated goodbyes. It is therefore with sincere sadness that I write this blog, serving as my last words of farewell as part of the incredible Safety Info The magazine team.

Five and a half years ago (and I really can’t believe how quickly that time has passed) I had the opportunity to become associate editor of this publication. It was intimidating, exciting and, because I really had no idea what information security really was at the time, slightly confusing. Since then, I have had the chance not only to learn, travel, develop and grow, but also to become editor-in-chief of the publication with the various responsibilities that come with it.

It was the most amazing race – the best and most rewarding time of my professional career and I leave this post fully grateful for all that I have been able to experience and achieve during it.

So, as I set off on a new adventure, I wanted to briefly reflect on some of my personal highlights from my time with Infosecurity.

The people

Rather than a single experience, achievement or event, the most cherished moment of my five and more years at Safety Info is, without a doubt, the people. It’s an overused cliché, but no one does it alone, and my time with the magazine wouldn’t have been the same without the team I was lucky enough to be a part of. I have worked alongside some of the most talented, dedicated and generous writing, marketing and sales professionals I have ever met and, more importantly, have built relationships with people not based on deadlines, goals or income, but rather genuine friendship, admiration and respect. The hardest part of getting away from Safety Info leave such a fantastic group of people, but I am grateful for all I have been able to learn and experience alongside them.


Another great memory from my stay at Safety Info is the fact that he introduced me to an industry that is not only exceptionally important, but which I believe is becoming more and more forward thinking and progressive. As mentioned before, before joining Safety Info, I had very little understanding of what information security really involved. Like many others, I mistakenly saw cybersecurity as only about technical jargon and overly complex processes, understood and explored only by deeply technical specialists.

However, the past five years or so have taught me that while constantly evolving technology will always play a role in how data is protected, the data-driven nature of modern life means that the security of the Information does not only directly affect all of us, but that it is the people (both inside and outside the industry) who really hold the key to information security. It has been inspiring to see how the industry has many passionate professionals who are dedicated to spreading this message and doing so much to make cybersecurity more inclusive, relative and accessible to people of all walks of life. It has also been a lesson in humility that such a great industry community serves as the readership and audience for this publication, and your continued support over the years has been truly amazing.

The trip

(Remember that!)

Finally, being part of the Safety Info The team has allowed me to travel to many parts of the world as part of my job to attend various events, conferences and gatherings around the world. It not only allowed me to visit amazing places like glitzy Las Vegas, colorful San Francisco, the ‘Big Apple’, picturesque Bratislava, central Paris and brilliant Belfast (to name a few) , but also to network with international peers and learn, first hand, what infosec issues are most pressing and impactful in countries outside the UK, where most of the UK is based. magazine team. It has proven invaluable in helping my colleagues and I personalize content that meets the global needs of our audience – something we’ve always been extremely proud to do. Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has unfortunately been some time since such international meetings have been possible, but with seemingly better times to come, I sincerely hope that the infosec community can soon start enjoying world events again. synonym of.

Again, I don’t like goodbyes, but I know a part of my heart will always remain with the post that gave me a chance, taught me so much, and helped transform a lover of the enthusiastic but rather inexperienced editing in someone who is truly proud of what they have accomplished over the past five years.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make an experience as amazing as possible, and my best wishes go to the Safety Info team for whatever the future holds. Either way, I know you will continue to be as successful as you always have been.

Thank you for welcoming me, take care and remember – no one does it alone, safety concerns us all, together.

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