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(AUDIO) Richard Evans Holds Up

Richard Evans, still a dreamer

Last week, Humboldt featured prominently in a lengthy GQ Magazine article – for something other than weed, if you can believe it! The article, “The Last Glimpses of California’s Vanishing Hippie Utopias,” takes the reader on a tour of some of the aging and forgotten townships manifested by the generation of idealists associated with what we today call the homecoming.

These days, Richard Evans, one of the article’s subjects, has moved to the booming metropolis of Eureka, but in the early 1970s he and his cohorts fled the Bay Area. for a more idyllic and communal existence in the countryside on a property located in the distance. threw south of Humboldt. In this week’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up – Locomotive’s Always Idealistic Podcast – Evans shares with us his memories of his homecoming days. Topics include:

  • A discussion of what individuals were looking for who found themselves swept up in the back to earth movement
  • Evans’ involvement in the March on Washington and gay liberation activism in the 1960s
  • his journey to Humboldt in search of land and subsequent countries living in Ettersburg and Alderpoint
  • His time as an adventurous stained glass artist
  • The struggles of being a black gay man in rural SoHum
  • His work with the team that converted an abandoned school into a Jefferson Community Center in Eureka

ABOVE: A young Evans sits next to a window he installed at Tommy and Karen Hessler’s in Humboldt. He was disappointed that GQ didn’t include a photo from the other side of the window, so we included it below

Evans was part of the team that designed this stained glass front door that once welcomed visitors to a California state building in San Francisco

Click on the audio player above to listen to Evans’ cat with the Outpost’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff or click on Apple Podcasts. And if you’d like to meet even more Humboldt people from the comfort of your headphones, scroll down past Humboldt Holding Up guests below.


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