A ledger publisher named on the publication’s “15 over 50” list


The photo of ledger editor Cody Sossamon that was posted in the E&P profile.

Cody Sossamon, editor of The Gaffney Ledger, was named to the 2021 Editor & Publisher list of “15 Over 50”.

Editor & Publisher (E&P) is a monthly US business news magazine covering the newspaper industry. Published since 1901, Editor & Publisher is the self-proclaimed “newspaper industry bible”.

The magazine is prized for its “independent voice, defending the First Amendment rights of journalists and espousing the principles of investigative and informative journalism.”

“Dedication to the news publishing industry is in the blood of the second class of writers and editors of 15 over 50 award winners,” the nominees’ introduction reads. “They are still firmly committed to journalistic and editorial excellence and have transformed just as the industry has done over the past decades. They are optimistic about the future of the industry and recognize its many challenges. They share their passion and experience with young colleagues to create a viable future for news publishing.

Sossamon was appointed editor in 1999, following in his father’s footsteps,

Louis Sossamon, grandfather and great-grandfather.

The article featured questions and answers from each of the 15 winners.

The following is taken from Sossamon’s Q&A. First of all journalism job: Advertising sales at The Lexington (SC) Dispatch-News

What are some of the more important Classes you have learned job in the new industry?

My father, who was editor of The Gaffney Ledger for 30 years (1969-1999), was my journalism mentor: treat everyone with respect, tell the truth, include all sides in every story, take a stand on issues of the community and make a profit. (an increasingly difficult task).

He pointed out that newspapers record the history and rewards of their communities, births, deaths, marriages, accomplishments and all other seemingly minor information found on our pages that is important to someone. From his example, I learned that being a champion of the “little guy” and holding public servants to account are the two main reasons why newspapers are essential to a free and open society.

What are your predictions for the future of new editing?

I hope that print newspapers will thrive for many years to come, but with the emphasis on digital news by many media, that hope is becoming a pipe dream. I worry about the future of journalism and news publishing because so many people believe what they read on Facebook and other similar sites. In addition, “journalists” who have prejudices alienate readers. Finally, there are too many editorials in the “news” and sensationalism in the headlines.

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