1974 Opel Manta, Sportwagon, advertising insert in the magazine Berline 1.9 liter



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General Motors went to great lengths to sell Opels through American Buick dealers during the 1970s.

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Some top-tier Buicks ended up getting Luxus badges soon after the Manta Luxus arrived on these shores.

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The Manta was the German Camaro.

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Fiat sold a 128 Rallye in North America at this time.

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The Sportwagon didn’t sell very well in North America, but there are still a few here.

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Under the skin, the 1900 sedan was a Manta.

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For the price, these were very nice interiors for a 1974 GM car.

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A tachometer and clock to accompany the sleek AM radio.

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The suspension of these cars was “deceptively conventional”.

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Opels were really huge sellers in Germany (and the rest of Western Europe) at this time.

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